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State Funding Information

state of California department of education
Coronado Preschool is pleased to announce FREE preschool to any eligible families who are at or under the income ceilings established by the California State Department of Education. If you are within these income guidelines or if your child has an IEP regardless of income, please contact our office immediately to begin processing your application.
All eligible families will be asked to provide proof of income and upon acceptance. Please refer to the links for more detailed information, but general guidelines are outlined below.  This process happens very fast as earnings documentation is time sensitive so please make sure you have all required information before proceeding. 
As always, contact us with additional questions.
State Preschool Qualifications:

State Preschool Qualifications:

  • Age: Children must be 3 to 4 years of age on or before August 26, 2021, and not eligible for Traditional Kindergarten.  
  • Immunization: The child must have 3-Polio, 4-DPT, 1-HIB, 3-HepB, 1 Varicella, and 1 MMR (given after 1st birthday).
  • Residency: Proof of address (lease, utility bills, etc.)
  • Income Eligible: Family income must fall within the State guidelines.
  • Priority: Family income eligibility and children who will attend Kindergarten the following year.
  • Toilet Use: All children are required to be potty trained for enrollment in the program.
Family's CURRENT proof of income for all employed parents/guardians include

Family's CURRENT proof of income for all employed parents/guardians include

  • Military LES statement
  • Pay Stubs (most recent month of income)
  • CalWorks documentation (copy of your Notice of Action)
  • If Self-Employed, current Profit & Loss statement.
  • Any disability, Unemployment or Social Security Benefits
  • Any other income (financial aid, child support, etc.)
School Fiscal Year 2020-21 Income Ceilings